Mobile Wellbeing. Next Gen Virtual Care.

Remote patient monitoring & telehealth platform for Healthcare, Long-Term Care, and Employers.

Long-Term Care (LTC) and Retirement Residences


COVID-19 has revealed the devastating shortfalls in elder care that can be addressed by MWB’s tools, giving families transparency of care being delivered to their loved ones.


Clinical Research Organizations (CRO)


Traditional methods of on-site monitoring for clinical studies of medicines and vaccines has been greatly obstructed due to the current pandemic, and can be better managed using MWB to provide rigorously detailed virtual oversight and compliance.


Large Scale Employers


Existing human resource platforms cannot provide managed return-to-work programs for employees diagnosed with COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, which can be best facilitated through MWB’s integration with PredictMedix Screening Products or as a stand-alone tool.


Predictmedix has partnered with Versus Systems to integrate Versus’ proprietary rewards platform.

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Wearables and bluetooth

Makes it easy for patients to share their vitals through the platform, and to give healthcare practitioners accurate, instant data to provide highly responsive care.

Reward Programs

Incentivises compliance to promote better outcomes and a more enjoyable care experience.

Engagement tools

From video to multiple communication channels, patients and practitioners, employees and HR professionals, will have comfortable ways to stay in touch and manage progress through care programs.

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