Safe Entry's Fit for Duty Screening

Mitigate risks to your team and to the uninterrupted operation of your business by setting up Safe Entry Stations to screen your employees for impairment, extreme fatigue, and infectious diseases. Our proven AI-powered screening products are quick, noninvasive, no-contact solutions that can detect a first-look indication of the readiness of your employee. All it takes is a simple walk-through.

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Our Partners

Our strategic partners help our team make a significant impact on the health and safety of people around the globe. We currently have partnerships in the US, Canada, and South Asia.

Accurate Detection Without Sacrificing Privacy

With multispectral cameras and sensors all functioning with full autonomy, you can screen quickly and easily all while maintaining privacy as a priority. Safe Entry Stations can also be customized for your location for permanent, temporary, and mobile use.

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