Know for Sure with the Safe Entry Station

With multispectral recognition technologies to capture data, our AI models can quickly, non-invasively, and without contact screen for impairment. A positive or negative result is presented so safety protocols can be put into place. All it takes is a simple walk-through.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multispectral devices and sensors capture data from non visible wavelengths from which we are able to extract features that associate with impairment. These features are analyzed by our AI algorithm and the decision is made whether the individual is showing signs of impairment.

Set-up takes about an hour.

The deployment of a Safe Entry Station can be as fast as 1 week.

There is a set-up and monthly service fee that includes the use of the Safe Entry Station.

Companies that need to rely on their employees being sober to safely operate in their workplace, including manufacturing, warehousing, mining, driving and more.

We Identify Impairment,
Not Just Traces