Screen With Ease

Fully Autonomous

You’re already busy, and we don’t want to add any more to-do’s to your day and slow down processes. The Safe Entry Station is fully autonomous and is as simple as walking through.


When it comes to infectious diseases, it is important to keep contact at a minimum. The Safe Entry Station does just that.


Tests for infectious diseases can be time-consuming and invasive. The Safe Entry Station makes it as easy as walking through.

Privacy First

The Safe Entry Station is built to respect privacy while still delivering an accurate reading.

See How Safe Entry Works

Learn how the Safe Entry Station comprehensively screens for infectious diseases without any contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Infections including COVID-19, produce unique physiological patterns that our solution will detect, assess and determine the probability of that person being infected or not infected.

Set-up takes about an hour.

The deployment of a Safe Entry Station can be as fast as 1 week.

There is a set-up and monthly service fee that includes the use of the Safe Entry Station.

Everything from large companies with many employees working closely, like manufacturing and warehousing, to offices, seniors residences, retail stores, event venues and public spaces.

Safe Entry Stations monitors and identifies potential presence of COVID-19 associated symptoms such as fever, cough, exhaustion, congestion, sweat gland activation, eye redness and headache, along with other key determinant factors.

Products such as fever scanners are simply measuring body temperature. Safe Entry Stations not only look at body temperature, but also at 5 specific facial points, which indicate a truly medically induced fever, versus someone who may be hot because of temperature conditions, etc. It also measures 6 other known COVID-19 symptoms, before rendering a result.

The technology is currently 95% accurate on a negative predictive analysis for identification of symptoms. However, because our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are continually learning, as more data is collected, that percentage will increase.

The Safe Entry Station is entirely noninvasive and safe; the underlying hardware used for data capture is approved by the FDA and Health Canada.

Safe Entry Stations are not a facial recognition system, do not store any facial data nor images, personal identifiers, or contact information. The multispectral camera captures data points from each person walking the screening unit and determines within seconds if an individual is displaying symptoms of an infectious disease such as COVID-19. At this point, the data is immediately purged.