Screen With Ease

Fully Autonomous

You’re already busy, and we don’t want to add any more to-do’s to your day and slow down processes. The Safe Entry Station is fully autonomous and is as simple as walking through.


When it comes to infectious diseases, it is important to keep contact at a minimum. The Safe Entry Station does just that.


Tests for infectious diseases can be time-consuming and invasive. The Safe Entry Station makes it as easy as walking through.

Privacy First

The Safe Entry Station is built to respect privacy while still delivering an accurate reading.

See How Safe Entry Works

Learn how the Safe Entry Station comprehensively screens for infectious diseases without any contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facial data is not stored. Rather, only the results (temperature & other metric data) are stored so that our algorithms continuously improve and become smarter.

Multispectral devices and sensors provide data that are analyzed by our AI model to assess signs of impairment.

Set-up takes about an hour.

The deployment of a Safe Entry Station can be as fast as 1 week.

There is a set-up and monthly service fee that includes the use of the Safe Entry Station.

Companies that need to rely on their employees being sober to safely operate in their workplace, including manufacturing, warehousing, mining, driving and more.