Peace of Mind Through Contactless Screening

Set up Safe Entry Stations so that your company, your team, and all of your families can feel confident you’re going to work safely.

Our non-invasive Safe Entry Stations analyze multiple data points from each person to deliver results within seconds. With no personal identity information captured. 

Autonomous, non-invasive, quick, no contact, walk-through Safe Entry Stations can be customized for your location for permanent, temporary, and mobile use.

Image of a PredictMedix scanner in a clean looking office or clinic

A simple solution for a healthy, safe workplace

 It’s not just about Covid-19. It’s also about the continuing occurrence of variants and the upcoming cold and flu season. Predictmedix Safe Entry Stations are your first line of defense to protect your people and the continuity of your operations.

Stay ahead of what comes next with Predictmedix Safe Entry Stations.

Let us answer your questions and show you how Safe Entry Stations protect your company from outbreaks of infectious disease.

Ask us about Screening for Impairment due to Cannabis and Alcohol when you inquire about Safe Entry Stations for Infectious Disease.