Predictmedix AI Unveils Safe Entry Stations to Delegates from 30 Nations at D-30 Event in New Delhi

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Toronto, Ontario – November 6, 2023 – Predictmedix AI Inc.  (CSE: PMED) (OTCQB: PMEDF) (FRA:3QP) (the “Company” or “Predictmedix”), a leading provider of rapid health screening solutions powered by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) is proud to announce that it introduced its state-of-the-art Safe Entry Stations to delegates from 30 countries during the D-30 event in New Delhi, India. This event signifies a pivotal step forward in the global fight against drug addiction and the disabilities caused by drug abuse. It symbolizes the collaboration of 30 nations recognized by the United Nations for their dedicated efforts to address drug addiction on a worldwide scale.

In New Delhi, countries and organizations from around the world united to tackle the critical issue of drug abuse. D-30 aimed to foster international unity and cooperation in combating addiction and promoting a safer and healthier future for all. The event provided a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and innovative solutions to overcome the challenges posed by drug addiction.


Predictmedix AI’s Safe Entry Stations took center stage as a pioneering solution for enhancing safety and well-being in various environments. These stations utilize advanced artificial intelligence to provide rapid, non-invasive health assessments, including impairment detection contributing to safer workplaces and communities.

Safe Entry Stations were also deployed at a prominent government vocational training institute in New Delhi where it was impactful in creating a safe environment for students and trainees. The impact made by the technology in the education / learning segment was also showcased at the event.

We are pleased to provide external links to the corporate presentation by key personnel in India including the Safe Entry booklet that was provided to all the guests and participants at the event:



  • Validation / Testimonial of Safe Entry Station at a prominent government training institute in Delhi. The video was also showcased at the event:




Dr. Rahul Kushwah, Chief Operating Officer of Predictmedix AI, expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s participation in the D-30 event, stating, “Our mission at Predictmedix AI is to leverage cutting-edge technology to address pressing global health and safety concerns. We are honored to have showcased our Safe Entry Stations to the representatives of 30 nations committed to combatting drug addiction and promoting a safer world. We believe that our AI-driven solutions can play a vital role in this collective effort. Furthermore, making an impact in the education/skill development segment at a prominent institute in India opens another vertical for our technology.”

Predictmedix AI’s Safe Entry Stations have demonstrated great potential in numerous applications, from workplaces and healthcare settings to transportation hubs and public events. They provide real-time health assessments and are designed to help identify individuals who may pose a risk due to drug impairment or other health issues.


Predictmedix AI continues to lead the way in developing innovative health and safety solutions powered by artificial intelligence. The company’s participation in the D-30 event underscores its commitment to global well-being and its role as a key player in the fight against drug addiction and its associated disabilities.

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About Predictmedix AI Inc.

Predictmedix AI Inc. (CSE: PMED) (OTCQB: PMEDF) (FRA:3QP) is an emerging provider of rapid health screening and remote patient care solutions globally. The Company’s Safe Entry Stations – powered by a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) – use multispectral cameras to analyze physiological data patterns and predict a variety of health issues including 19 physiological vital parameters, impairment by drugs or alcohol, fatigue, or various mental illnesses. Predictmedix AI’s proprietary remote patient care platform empowers medical professionals with a suite of AI-powered tools to improve patient health outcomes. To learn more, please visit our website at or follow us on TwitterInstagram or LinkedIn. To receive company news, please sign up for alerts at

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