Safe and In Person

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It’s a fact universally acknowledged that a Super Bowl, even in the midst of a pandemic, must be in want of an epic afterparty. But safety first.  

Predictmedix’s Safe Entry Stations were deployed as the first line of defence at Tampa’s VIP Big Game Weekend Parties. Three units scanned over 6,000 attendees, including music legends like Steve Aoki and Migos. E11EVEN Miami, the world’s first and only 24/7 ultraclub teamed up with Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports alongside Pied Piper Productions to host the event at the 20,000 square foot outdoor space located at WTR Tampa Pool and Grill, Florida.

This was the first live event deployment of Safe Entry Stations from Predictmedix North American reseller, Juiceworks. Most other deployments in North America and overseas are focused on facilities such as offices, manufacturing, warehouses, hospitals and workplaces with permanent active workforces. 

What live events often lack in on-the-go infrastructure, they make up for in entertainment. The first hurdle on site was not having stable internet access. Fortunately the team of engineers was able to create a custom remote configuration setup that allowed Predictmedix symptom detection technology to be successfully deployed. 

Each individual wanting to enter the event walked through a Safe Entry Station which scanned them in seconds. An individual who scanned red was immediately pulled aside to receive a rapid antigen test from Wellness 4 Humanity which confirmed that person had Covid-19. Overall, everyone at the event was extremely appreciative of efforts to keep people safe and to do so in such an easy, organized, non-invasive manner. 

We received significant press coverage from the Tampa Bay Safe Entry Station deployment. You can check it out here.